10/21/06, 4:11 AM
Tanatos on hiatus

Directly from my blog at quaz.org:

You must have noticed already, but now I'll make it official. Tanatos goes on a hiatus for an undefined amount of time. It turns out that finding 10+ hours weekly to draw a page of Tanatos when you have a full-time job is simply impossible. At least for now. I don't want to explain it in detail, but I'd have to spent every minute of my spare time drawing a comic and that'd make a torture out of something that is supposed to be fun.

I don't intend to bury the Tanatos, but I have to organize myself, adapt to a new situation and maybe go through a couple of more important changes in my life. Then we'll see. I can't make it for now. I'm not saying that I won't update Tanatos at all, because I might update it from time to time, but updates will be very irregular and rare. I know that it was updating slowly already so this won't be good.

I don't want to stop being a webcomic artist so I'll keep on updating Gamer9. Not because I like it better than Tanatos or because it's more popular. The reason is the fact that drawing a page of G9 takes 3-4 times less time that drawing a page of Tanatos. I know that I can take both my job and Gamer9 updating at the same time. Killing Gamer9 off wouldn't give me enough time for Tanatos anyway.

I know that I disappoint a lot of people, but there is no other way. I want to tell Tanatos' story and I intend to do it at some point in my life, but not now for sure.

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